Welcome to Official Disco Costumes!

Welcome to OFFICIAL DISCO COSTUMES where we’ve got the cure for your disco fever! Shop our extensive selection of vintage ‘70s COSTUMES including leisure suits, wide collar shirts, wide leg bell bottoms, mod go-go girl dresses and groovy jumpsuits. We also carry OFFICIALLY LICENSED COSTUMES from hit movies like Saturday Night Fever, Austin Powers and Dumb & Dumber for a retro ‘70s HALLOWEEN COSTUME that will have people jive talkin’.

Complete your disco costume with HIGH-QUALITY costume accessories like Afro wigs, feathered wigs, mustaches, go-go boots, sequins shoes, loafers and more, straight from the ‘70s. Our REDUCED PRICES, customer service and selection promise to be just the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) you like it for any disco theme event.

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